If you are interested in building a Web Site, then a Domain Name is a primary step toward making you or your company unique.

Even if you are not quite ready to build your site, it is a good idea to register your Domain Name so that it will be available when you want to use it.

There is much competition for many names and you may be disappointed if a competitor snatches the name that you wanted to use if it is not already registered.

In fact there is an open market for names that are registered but are not actively being used and often the sought after names command a high dollar amount to purchase from the current owner if in fact he is willing to sell it at all.

The owner of a Domain Name has paid for the registration for a particular period of time, usually for one year or with an option for multiple years.  When the contracted period of time expires  then the Domain Name reverts to the public domain, and again becomes available.  Most approved domain name registrars allow the applicant to opt for an automatic renewal as long as payment has been made.

The “WHOIS” database is the worlds largest repository of Domain Registrations.

Many of the domain registrars below offer other services such as Web Hosting, email services and web site design using pre-made templates.

There are many companies who do registration, but a  few of the well know registrars are: ** (Very reliable high speed servers)  Click HERE for package details.

Please note that all of the above  named Domain Registrars offer Hosting of your approved Domain Name.

If for example you choose GoDaddy or, one of the other registrars for your Domain Name, it can be easily either transferred or the DNS pointed to WealthyAssociates and used there.

We are not recommending any particular domain registrar since this will be an individual decision and pricing will vary from one to another.   We will say that is by far the largest registrar and we feel that they have an excellent support team.

You can just as well get your domain through  To start the ball rolling click below for sign-up!


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