In fact, it is the purpose of ONLINE INTERNET UNIVERSITY to introduce you to our mentor WEALTHYAFFILIATE.COM.

Together, OIU.COM and the WA.COM community will EMPOWER YOUR LIFE WITH EDUCATION!

ONLINE INTERNET UNIVERSITY.COM will help you to make decisions regarding HOW to get started, HOW to blog effectively, and to INTRODUCE you to (in our opinion) the PREMIER web building site on the Internet!

WEALTHAFFILIATE.COM  will educate you on the A, B, C’s of how to set up your website and to answer your pressing questions you did not know you wanted to know.

So, O.K. where should we start?

Let’s start at the beginning!  The beginning would be for you to confirm and acknowledge what you want to accomplish online.  Online is where it is happening!  Unless I am mistaken, you did not find yourself on this site in error. You were looking for something in particular.

Please jot down on a separate sheet of paper “what your goal is“!  In order to make your goal concrete and to be successful in the execution of that goal, it is necessary to focus on what you want to achieve.

– Do you want to set up a Web Site to advertise an existing “Brick and Mortar” business?

-Do you want to set up a new business to advertise a “Niche” product which you intend to promote?

– Do you want to write a “Romance Novel” and have it published as an E-book?  Or, would you rather write a “How To Book” or, a “Historical Piece” or, any other subject matter of your choice?

-Do you want to Blog about political, social, medical, health, lifestyle or other events?

Of course, you can do all of the above, but what is important is that somewhere, the structure of a Website will be required. The building of a website is a must if you want to build a long term business, build a Brand and achieve a following.

And, that is one of the reasons why, WEALTHAFFILIATE.COM  has come into existence years ago.   It has been created to take you step by step through the process of creating your very own identity.  WA, as it is also known, is not made up of one person, but rather a group of like minded individuals who are willing to help you in your journey.  Every one has a common goal, and that is to understand the process of how to originate their own particular creation.

The very interesting thing is, that there is no charge to sign up and produce your own website.

Let me put it more bluntly, “No website, no success”. Can you risk that?  Remember the old adage, “Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained”!

After you join  WEALTHAFFILIATE.COM you will be in the company of thousands of users from around the world!

In fact let me reiterate a few benefits you will receive:

-Personal Help from the main support staff and the community of worldwide users.

– Live Chat Support.

– Ongoing Discussions and lessons on pertinent marketing and web building themes.

– You will receive two (2) Free Fully Functional WordPress Websites.

How about the:

– Tutorials

-Video Classes

-Courses and Entire Classrooms

All this to be taken at your own pace for as quickly or slowly as it suits you.

Again, we are talking about a big fat “$O” with no credit card required for the sign-up.

There is also a more advanced “Premium Option” you may want to consider, but you can always make that decision after you have tried the free training.

So, here is the breakdown of what a FREE membership covers and what a PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP will cover.

The decision should be easy.  Why not enroll in the course and see what it can do for you?

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