There may be many reasons that you may want to Sell your website.        

      1) It may be the first site that you have created and, after some trial and error you’ve decided that the subject matter is no longer of interest to you.


         2) You need the money for (purchase of an auto, house, vacation, education, etc.)!


             3) You are a website flipper and look at the site as an asset/investment which has matured and is time to sell.


                4) You have more than one site and can no longer effectively time manage multiple sites.

          In any case, what are the alternatives you have?

          Generally speaking, you will want to go through some type of Listing Service or Broker to advertise that your site is for sale.

          Now that you have been with Wealthy Affiliates for some time (have competed the lessons and built a working site), you hopefully are able to see some type of income. 

          You might have an affiliate site, or an ecommerce store with physical products, or a dropshipping business or a blog with subscribers.   In all these instances you have an ASSET which is producing income and can be valued. 

          If you are looking at the Stock Market the dividend yield is usually not that high. Real Estate the yields may be in the 5-8 % range.  To set up a website from scratch or, to purchase a site, you can start with very little and build, develop or improve the asset.    Note:  You can even sell sites which have very little or no income for a few hundred dollars.

          Let’s take a look at a few listing sites or brokers who may have interest in either offering your site to the general public or, offer you as a buyer, a site should you may wish to purchase.

          Below, I’d like to give you a few examples of site brokers/listers who have been in business for some time and have a following.  You can SELL as well as PURCHASE as long as you are qualified

          **I make no representation, warranty or guarantee for any transaction which you may enter into with any of the below mentioned firms.   This information is for educational purposes and should you wish to enter in to an agreement with any of the sites listed, you do so at your own risk.

          Flippa –

          Founded in 2009, with headquarters in Melborne, Australia, and offices in San Francisco, CA , Flippa advertises themselves as being the #1 site to purchase or sell a website business.  They offer sales of websites, domains and apps.  In my opinion there are both positives and negatives to Flippa.  Many of the established websites being offered which have domain authority due to age and marketed by the owner, appear to have overpriced offerings. Then again, many of the starter sites may have attractive pricing but it is important to verify whether the information stated is real?  I would recommend ( is free and also SimilarWeb ( to do additional due diligence.

          Empireflippers –

          The company located in Wilmington, DE (USA) started as an AdSense site in 2010 and in 2012 moved to the market place as place for buyers and sellers of websites and apps.  They have a number of Blogs and Podcasts which are very informative for those who wish to know more about the marketplace.  They also have a free site evaluation tool for clients.  If you go to their Marketplace and view the current list of offerings, you can hear on some of the sites an interview with the current site owner(s) which is often very revealing regarding their motivations for sale and how the site has performed for them.   Looking at the monthly net revenues you can see how the annual or monthly revenue compares (graph charted over a period of time) on a valuation basis to the sales price.  You can see the breakdown of how each site is monetized (i.e. ecommerce, Amazon FBA, Advertising ADSense, etc.) Info on what niche such as Sports, Outdoors, Electronics, Apparel. 

           Also available is summary information such as traffic sources, age of site, how much time/per week spent on site.

          FE International-

          Has 7 locations in – US, UK, Asia. Founded in 2010 and has doubled in size and revenue annually.  Global footprint encompasses mergers and acquisitions services for the mid market companies, Ecommerce, Affiliate and Content businesses and SaaS (a method of software delivery and licensing in which software is accessed online via a subscription rather than bought and installed on individual computers).

          Quiet Light Brokerage –

          Formed in 2006 and located in Inver Grove Heights, MN, the company has sold over 500 websites and has over $100 million in transaction valuations.  As with the above competing brokerages, the website contains many interesting Blogs, Podcasts and Posts to access for your information and education.    You will find information on key metrics which you will need for your sales presentations.


          Centurica –

          In the event that you do not feel comfortable with any of the Brokers Valuations, you can also go to an independent 3rd party Valuator.  Particularly on larger transactions you can up to a point reduce your liability. 

          Centurica, located in Missoula, Montana can help to remove many doubts from a buyers point of view.  For example:

          • Will this website lose traffic several months after I take over?
          • Does the seller own another or other businesses that could compete with the one you are looking at?
          • Has the site ever been blacklisted penalized or been put into a spam database?
          • Based on real numbers at what price will I be overpaying?

          They are experts at spotting where the information may be overoptimistic or unrealistic.   They know how to assess the value of different Websites in many different Niches.

          Centrurica also has “Market Watch” is a free tool that helps you search listings between $20,000 – $5,000,000 with a variety of metrics such as sales price multiples, or 2-3 years of ROI’s etc.

          Centurica  will give you a free consultation if you have interest in their services.

          And there you have it!

          These are just a few places to start if you are contemplating a sale of your site and where to go to get a better idea of what is happening in the world wide market of internet web sales. 

          Please give me a thumbs up if this information could be of use to you!


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          6 thoughts on “SELL YOUR WEBSITE FOR $2,000,000.-

          1. Thank you for providing the list of sites where you can sell your own site. I’m sure this will come in handy someday. I would love to learn more about the main things that create the overall value or add value of your site.  Do you have any tips or insights on this?

            1. Hi Tzen!

              Thank you for your comment!  Of course if anyone wants to purchase a web site they are going go want to know how much income the site is providing and how much work will have to be put in to maintain the site.  If you go to the addresses provided you will find a lot of information from the brokers who are evaluating various types of web sites.  Too much to list here.

              Good luck with your site.

          2. Hi Admin,

            because of being a member of wealthy affiliate, always a question hits my mind that if I could not able to continue my website then is there any opportunity to sell it or handover my website? 

            I feel very much happy for read your post. Your post cleared my confusion that I can sell my website if I want. You also shared the information of the websites where can anyone sell his website. Thanks a lot dude 😉. But if I don’t want to sell my website and if I want to increase my traffic, then what can I do?

            1. Thank you for your comment Snigdha.  You are under no obligation to sell your website!  The best way to increase traffic is to go through the lessons and use the techniques taught.  That would include the SEO techniques taught, the Social Media involvement and the analysis of what is happening with your site. 

              Wishing you all the best at WA

          3. I read your article with keen interest Randell,

            My website is 5 years old now an has good domain authority and page authority, ripe enough to be sold and though I have some emotional attachment to it, I can’t help but to sell it for the greater good. Was it difficult for you to sell your first site? I think I may be one of those website flippers if this goes well 😀

            1. Riaz, 

              Congratulations on the success of your site.  The sale of the site is not difficult if you will be reasonable on the pricing.  If it is in line with the multiples that are being paid for your type of site, you should be  able usually to sell it within about 90 days.  It is usually the buyers responsibility to transfer the site from your host to the new buyers host.  Sometimes the broker who you list with will help with that.  

              Read through again what the different brokers can offer you and then make a decision which will be the best fit for you. 

              Good luck on the sale of your site. 

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